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Gelato is a treasured part of traditional Italian culture, and here at Konos – gelato is happiness, we make ours fresh daily just like we do back in Italy. With painstaking focus on the details, Stefano Versace's award-winning gelato "Profumi di Sicilia" recipe consists of a unique combination of delicious, high-quality ingredients such as fresh ricotta, cannolo, caramelized fruit, Bronte pistacchio (an original of Sicily and rated best in the world), shredded lemon and orange peel, caramel, chocolate grains and 30% organic almonds. All ingredients are completely natural and imported directly from Italy.

At Konos – gelato is happiness, we have one secret that no other has – our People. We carefully hire each one of our "Gelatieri" and train them to offer an authentic Italian culinary experience in all of our stores. Our goal is to spread the traditions of Italian gelato to all American gelato lovers, captivating them with the purity and freshness of our product.

While American ice cream is often made from 50% air and 30% cream or butter, our gelato is not, resulting in far fewer calories and fat without compromising quality and taste.