Gelato is happiness

‘Gelato is happiness’ is a mantra we have developed after serving countless scoops to our beloved customers.

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While serving our Gelato, we have experienced our customers' faces lightening up with a smile pretty often; one smile after the other, we decided that turning that smile on was finally our mission and we started to look for more information.

Did you know that at the University of Amsterdam Nicu Sebe and Theo Gevers programmed software to analyze the facial changes of 300 volunteers while tasting a gelato? You will be mesmerized, as we are, by the fact that in 86% of the cases the participants expressed all the characteristic elements of happiness.

Close enough in London, a study by the Institute of Psychiatry, showed that eating a teaspoon of gelato activates in the brain the same pleasure receptors as when you win the lottery or listen to your favorite music. Through brain imaging, they recorded the reaction of the brain while we eat a gelato: the collected images by the magnetic resonances of the participants, highlighted the activation of the orbital-frontal cortex, the one in which emotional pleasure resides. The scientists stated that “this is the first time we have been able to prove that gelato makes you happy. Only a spoon illuminates the areas of the brain that can be traced back to happiness.”

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